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Molly O’Shea, MD

Pediatrician/Parenting Expert/Author/Keynote Speaker/Corporate Consultant


Dr Molly OShea
Dr Molly O’Shea

In 30 years of practice I think I’ve heard every question imaginable! Go ahead — try me! I’ve worked with families, businesses, and media vendors to answer medical questions as well as foster independence, confidence, and empathy in kids of all ages. Let me answer your questions too! Just ‘Ask Dr Molly’ and we can work together to meet your corporate, community, or media needs.

Ask Dr Molly

Seeing families for 30 years gives me the experience and  wisdom to know what works and what doesn’t. I understand family dynamics and as a mother of 4 adult children, one with disabilities, I understand the joys and challenges that parenting brings. This informs my advice and my voice.

I’m practical and authentic, you get the real me.

For 6 years I was the Ask the Pediatrician columnist for the Detroit News three days per week and loved it! Writing about medical, parenting, and mental health issues along with some personal essays was a joy.

Since then I have been quoted widely and have written pieces for,, and other parenting outlets. I write regularly for the Goldfish Swim School blog on parenting topics and have my own blog here.

From the national stage for the American Academy of Pediatrics, to the small stage of the local PTA, I have spoken on every child related topic imaginable. An accomplished public speaker, I am often sought out by local media for interviews on hot topics.

I love talking about everything from work-life balance, to raising confident kids and fostering independence, to solving sleep problems in kids of all ages.

If your business has parents as employees or customers, having a pediatrician who is a parenting expert adds value. 

I have been a consultant to Goldfish Swim Schools and have helped grow their reach by focusing on the whole child. Parents have been drawn to our wrap around content. 

I also speak about how management style and parenting styles relate and how to ‘flip the script’ at home and at work. 

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